The ENDURANCE PROJECT’S philanthropic award (in the form of an annual scholarship and administered by the ENDURANCE FUND) will contribute to the furthering of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based pursuits for young women and men in vocational training.

By its nature, a film’s presence recedes after the initial international theatrical and home entertainment release.

Critically, the philanthropic scholarship will perpetuate not only the ENDURANCE PROJECT and its supporters’ legacies, it will remind us, through commemorating the entrepreneurial spirit of Sir Jack, that we can and must summon

the initiative required to ensure that we continue to question the status quo and innovate with rigour as we face the future.

For younger generations, the ENDURANCE PROJECT scholarship will encourage students to look at those who’ve gone before, and draw inspiration as they in turn face complex world challenges requiring the resourcefulness of human ingenuity more than ever before.

Familiarity with names from sporting, cultural and scientific fields such as Sir Jack Brabham, Dame Joan Sutherland, Baron Howard Florey and others can teach us not only what we have achieved in the past, but more importantly, persuade us to aim for excellence in our own endeavours.

The scientific, technological and cultural contribution and heritage of Sir Jack’s accomplishments and their ongoing global impact, will be manifestly present as the Endurance scholarship offers meaningful incentives to young people in their training and emerging work practices.